We are very pleased to announce that Greenpeace are partnering with Blog Action Day. Greenpeace have long been supporters of Blog Action Day and have always provided interesting content for Blog Action Day participants to use and discuss in their posts.

Watch Greenpeace International’s Executive Director Kimi Naidoo, discuss why he is taking part in Blog Action Day and what the Power of We means to him.

This year Greenpeace have provided Blog Action Day participants within an amazing opportunity, access to their entire archive of 150,000 photos and videos, for use by Blog Action Day participants in their Blog Action Day posts, videos, podcasts, images and social media.

This is a great resource of high quality and inspiring photos and videos from around the world that will really help your Blog Action Day Post on October 15, get noticed.

As looking through 150,000 photos and videos might be a bit daunting to some, Greenpeace have also pulled together a smaller collection of 59 photos that represent what the Power of We theme means to them.