Below are the instructions for Blog Action Day Participants to access the Greenpeace’s archive of 150,000 photos and videos.

From Greenpeace

Last year we offered bloggers a very limited selection of photos.  This year we wanted to go bigger, so we’ve decided to offer ALL the photos…

To celebrate the “power of we”, Greenpeace is for the first time opening up our entire visual archive for free to the global blogging community for Blog Action Day – over 150,000 photos and videos.

How to download from the Greenpeace archive:

1. Register an account on

2. Add photos and video you want to use to your cart (or click “buy now”).

3. Quote the code SAVETHEARCTIC in the Billing References field when placing your order.  (There is no charge for use with Blog Action Day.)

4. We’ll authorize and send you an email with a download link.

Note:  Your email address is collected  by Greenpeace solely for processing, and will NOT be added to any of our email lists.  If you want to receive emails from Greenpeace you can sign up  to here.

Please bear in mind that people (and other creatures) in these images are for the most part not actors or models, and the various corporate entities destroying or persecuting them seldom give us permission to display or distribute their logos and trademarks. Legal warnings and small-print aside, please use the images in the spirit in which they are offered, credit the photographers who captured them and respect any restrictions that may be published with the material.