Our Not-For-Profit Partners have provided some inspiring content for your Blog Action Day posts. Take a look and make sure you use make the most of these amazing resources for your October 15 Blog Post.


ActionAid is a partner of Blog Action Day 2012

To celebrate Blog Action Day (and World Food Day) ActionAid’s network of activists from around the world will be blogging, commenting and discussing how the Power of We can be used to tackle the issue of Land Grabs


Irene Kharono from ActionAid Uganda is participating in Blog Action Day. She talks about the land grabs that are affecting her country and many poor small-holder farmers around the world and why the Power of We is important in tackling this issue.


Oxfam is a partner Blog  Action  Day 2012Find out why Oxfam believes in the Power of We to help end poverty and injustice and take a look at the amazing blogs, photos and video content you can use in your Blog Action Day posts that show the Power of We in action

Land Grabs

Commercial pressure on land globally is growing dramatically, and it is small scale farmers and their communities that are loosing out. Oxfam’s research shows that some big land deals are forcing hard working families from their homes, jobs and food. We all need to work together to stop this injustice.


Short video that explains the issue of Land Grabs and what can be done, that you can embed in your blogs.

Female Food Heroes

Take a look at this amazing initiative to promote the role of women in small scale farming in developing countries

We Can Campaign

Find out how hundreds of thousands of people have volunteer to be We Can Change Makers and how they are changing attitudes and behaviours around domestic violence in many communities around the world.


Greenpeace is a partner of Blog Action Day 2012Greenpeace is no stranger to the Power of We, and the actions on their supporters have helped change damaging enviromental practices or brought awareness to the wider population of important issues. Greenepace have selected a range of photos that they think represent the Power of We, and have opened access to their entire photo and video archive for Blog Action Day participants to use in their posts.


Greenpeace International’s Executive Director Kimi Naidoo discuss why he is taking part in Blog Action Day and what the Power of We means to him.

HelpAge International

HelpAge International is a partner of Blog Action Day 2012HelpAge International helps older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty, so that they can lead dignified, secure, active and healthy lives. There new campaign is encouraging older people to work together and advocate for their writes.

Age Demands Action is a grassroots campaign that exemplifies the power of we at its best, as thousands of older people in over 60 countries lobby their governments to make positive changes to their communities.

  • Take a look at inspiring photos, leaders bios, videos and updates for Age Demands Action campaign
  • This is Age Demands Action: Highlights from the last five years of the campagin in English, Also available in SpanishRussianFrench and Indonesian.

Heifer International

Heifer International is a partner of Blog Action DAy 2012Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth and started 67 years ago when a group of people from Indiana, USA came together and donated livestock to communities in Spain who where go hungry after the devastation of the Spanish Civil War, showing they have the Power of We at their core.

  • Make sure you take a look at Heifer International’s inspiring blogs and YouTube channels to see what you might want to reference in your Blog Action Day posts.

Global Exchange

Global Exchange are partners of Blog Action Day 2012Global Exchange’s groundbreaking new nonpartisan report, “Meet the F.I.R.E. Sector: How Wall Street is Burning Democracy <http://www.globalexchange.org/sites/default/files/Elect_Democracy_Report.pdf> ” contains not only extensive research tracking Wall Street’s investment in political power, but also analyzes exactly how Wall Street has secured ‘industry-loyal voting practices’ of Congress using whopping amounts of money. The report is accompanied by an infographic and legislative scorecard.

For US Bloggers: No matter what U.S. State you live in, you can look up how much Wall Street campaign money YOUR Senator or Representative received, and how often they voted in line with Wall Street’s lobby position. Use this tool to look up your Congresspeople and demand accountability- together we can make this a big issue beyond the election and get the changes we really need in order to reclaim and protect a healthy democracy in the U.S: Corporate Money OUT of Politics! Bit.ly/WallSt42

Bloggers Around the World: Need photos for your “Power of We” blog post? International human rights organization Global Exchange works on a variety environmental, social and economic justice issues, and has a plethora of photos on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/globalexchange) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/GlobalExchange/photos_stream) for you to use. Please include photo credit “Global Exchange” in your post.