I recently spoke to Valer Batcu, from BlogUpp, to find a little more about them and why they are decided to support Blog Action Day by becoming a partner.

What is BlogUpp and why are you interested in Blog Action Day?

Simply put, BlogUpp is a selected blogger community and a blog service. We curate and connect authentic blogs via an interactive content distribution platform, which entertains audiences through content discovery and helps bloggers with content marketing – to deliver bloggers’ voice on a larger scale, as well as connect them.

Bloggers are influential members of our society. They have the courage & talent to speak their minds, help build public opinion and share knowledge. In this context, supporting the mission of Blog Action Day seems a great fit towards amplifying awareness and creating a global discussion, which can lead to collective change.

What is your role, where are you based and what inspires you most about your work?

I’m a community supporter and an executive, based in Spain. We at BlogUpp enjoy helping; that’s a privilege particularly when supporting bloggers, who share knowledge and build audiences as well as awareness. This has become BlogUpp’s mission, as its name itself suggests (“Blog” & “Up” pronounced boldly). In what we are doing it’s also an honor for us to amplify awareness for initiatives like yours at Blog Action Day, as well as for organizations that create value.

What does the theme Human Rights mean to members of your network?

The meaning of Human Rights might differ for each member of our blogger community. That’s rather individual, depending on everyone’s context. For example, for someone the right to have drinkable water might be the most acute; whereas for others – the right to privacy while on Internet might feel the most important.

As a team, we believe Human Rights is about the common sense meant to prevent infringements of any kind as well as violence, and ensure privacy, towards evolving into a truly civilized society, with the highest ethics. That’s also about genuine “social responsibility”, in particular for global corporations in relation with their employees and involved communities, considering corporations now have higher than ever operating margins.

In the long run, Human Rights should also be about enforcing fundamental rights in relation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled machines – the concerns about which have been well described in this article on Mashable.

How can people get involved in BlogUpp?

We encourage blogging, as well as using blog tools that help in doing just that. Getting started with BlogUpp is simple; there is no sign-up and major platforms support one-click installation. It’s simply plugging the widget, with no effort needed afterwards to maintain it. With BlogUpp bloggers just keep blogging their passion, and we help spread the word, as well as connect them with great community bloggers, with all derived benefits.

What suggestions and content ideas do you have for Blog Action Day participants to use in their Blog Action Day posts?

In the context of “Human Rights” topic for Blog Action Day – above all, we’d call for respect, as the foundation of Human Rights principles. With respect, tolerance and compassion can be achieved great relationships that are always win-win.

On the other hand, we invite bloggers to encourage audiences defend their rights, and build awareness about less known ones.

If people want to find out more about BlogUpp where do they go?

The easiest is to type “BlogUpp” in search or just head to www.blogupp.com

We are also happy to connect on top social communities, where our usual name is BlogUpp. I am open personally to network via LinkedIn too. Thank you.

Thanks Valer, we are looking forward to the blogs posts and discussion that the community from BlogUpp have around Human Rights on October 16.