Sometimes it’s not that easy to get your blog online. Not because of any technical problems or lack of skill, sometimes just finding the time to think about what you will post about, researching the topic and then creating it, can be easier to avoid than do.

Finding time to blog, is a constant challenge to the team at Blog Action Day. Here are five tips we use to try and make it a bit easier for ourselves.

1. Make Time to Blog.Ai??

It sounds a bit obvious, but if you don’t organise your blogging life, other things like work, family and friends can leave little time to write that clever new post you have been meaning to put online for the past month.

Treat your blogging like a friend. Schedule a regular amount of time where you can completely focus on your blog. It might Ai??be 30 mins every Tuesday lunchtime or a hour ever second Thursday at 9pm.

It doesn’t matter when or how long, but making that appointment with your blog, putting it in your diary and treating it like your would a work commitment or a catch-up with friends, means you can focus your time and effort, rather than getting distracted and putting it off until tomorrow, again.

2. Knowing what you will blog about in advance.

Unless your blog is about celebrity, politics or breaking news, you should be able to plan your posts in advance.

Knowing what you will be writing about in advance, means you can use the time your set aside to work on your blog more efficiently, as you have a topic or idea to focus on. Also, you will be surprised how you start noticing content and links that will “beef-up” your blog, when you have already decided what you want to cover.

One of the easiest ways to plan topics in advance, is to think about significant days and events and use them to inspire your blogging. One good source is the United Nations Observances, which lists the different, days, weeks and months that have a special focus.

generic fluconazole. #Buy Diflucan Online. can you buy oral diflucan over the counter. 3. Set yourself a challenge.Ai??

Blogging is like exercise, stop doing it and all the hard work you put in over the last year, can be Ai??easily lost and hard to get back in.

By setting yourself a challenge like posting something new every day for a week, you will push yourself to be a bit more focused and committed to your blog. And, hopefully it will inspire you to blog more regularly as your audience keeps coming back for your latest post.

is generic levitra safe. #generic Levitra. generic levitra from india. 4. Don’t be a lone blogger

Blogging without conversation is a bit like shouting in the wind, you may get the words out but you are very unlikely to be listened to.

Connecting up with bloggers online and offline by taking part in a blog events ( like Blog Action Day) or a regular blog meet-up in your local cafe, Ai??can take away some of the isloation that people sometimes feel when they blog.

Your meet-up might decide to give each other a topic or even work together on a joint post that will appear across all of your blogs, with the aim of creating conversation between your different audiences

And don’t forget the most important person in your blog isn’t you. It’s the person that reads it. So be nice to your readers. Ask them questions and find out what they think of your posts and topics. Soon you will end up having conversations online that guess what, turn into your next blog post.

5. Have fun and be passionate.Ai??

If you are not interested or enjoying what you are blogging about, why would you want to spend time away from other activities that are exciting to sit in front of your computer.

If you want to blog regular, finding something that excites you and that you care about. It could be your favourite band, an issue that you are very committed to, or it could just be photos of your cat. Ai?? Being interested in your subject matter will Ai??make it a lot easier to focus on your blog, because you are enjoying updating your blog and engaging with your audience, Ai??instead of dreading it.

What are your tips?

Now we want to hear from you. Do you think these tips are helpful? Do you have ideas and tips that are even better? Don’t be shy, share your tips and ideas and help the Blog Action Day community turn into a lean, mean blogging machine.