ONE is a proud partner of Blog Action Day  2013


We are very pleased again to have ONE partner with Blog Action Day, once again. Karina Spoke to Helen Hector from ONE,  to find out a bit more about them and why think Human Rights are an important topic for us all to talk about on October 16.

Tell me more about ONE and what it wants to achieve?

ONE is a global campaigning and advocacy organisation of more than three million people taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, co-founded by Bono. The facts show extreme poverty has already been cut in half and can be virtually eliminated by 2030.

What is your role, where are you based and what do you inspires you most about your work?

I’m the International Digital Content Manager based in our London office. As well as editing the blog on I think about the digital content we need to support our campaigns.  So that could be an infographic, video, photos or a cool new web section.

I’m in touch with colleagues all over the world every day and it’s incredibly inspiring to be part of a team that is pulling together towards the same huge goal – ending extreme poverty.  What works in Germany won’t necessarily work in Malawi but I love the challenge of working it out and finding a solution with different country teams.

How do Human Rights relate to the work of ONE?

Extreme poverty and the denial of human rights are closely linked. The poorest and most vulnerable people are frequently denied the right to education, basic healthcare, food and employment. Our campaigns are targeted to advance the Millennium Development Goals, which if achieved by 2015 would result in millions of people being lifted out of poverty and able to claim and enjoy their basic human rights.  Transparency is becoming increasingly important too – ensuring people in poor countries have the right to follow the money that governments and donors are spending on essential services and hold them to account.

What are the different ways that people can get involved with ONE and its projects?

Being a ONE member means your part of an incredible global movement to tackle extreme poverty and we’ll contact you with actions you can take that will lead to change. Sometimes this will be a global petition, other times there will be something happening in your country that you can influence. ONE members sign petitions, use social media to spread the word about our campaigns, volunteer at local events, lobby decision makers and much more.

What suggestions and content ideas do you have for Blog Action Day participants to use in their Blog Action Day posts?

We can think that the issues of TransparencyHealthcare and Energy and how they relate to that would be interesting for people to discuss. Some the questions or angles that you might want to think about in your Blog Action Day post could be:

  • Is transparency of government spending a human right?
  • How Open Data could lead to improved human rightsHow much do citizens have a right to know about the companies making profits in their country?
  • The right to a long, healthy and productive life with HIV?
  • Why 2 million people in Africa are still dying every year from preventable and treatable diseases
  • Is electricity a human right?
  • The impacts of energy poverty on children’s education in Africa

 To help you cover these topics we have pulled together some relevant  in English, French and German:

  • Facts and stats about the issues around global poverty:  English | French | German
  • Photos from our Living Proof Media Database*: English | French | German
    * you will need to apply for a login
  • Infographics  on different topics related to  Global Poverty: EnglishFrench | German
  • Video from our Living Proof series, like the one below on what can happen when when girls have equal access to education:  English | French | German


If people want to find out more about ONE where do they go?

You can visit our website ONE.ORG, as well as our Facebook (English | French | German) and Twitter profiles: