Blog Action Day is all about being part of a global conversation. We want to make sure that we harness that sense of community by encouraging you to share your tips and ideas on how to create and organise your Blog Action Day posts this year.

Some ideas form the Blog Action Day Team.

Group Blog post. By working with other bloggers, you could include a particular issue in more depth or from different angles, across all of your sites.

Blog Swap or Guest Blogging. To interact with new audiences you might want to do your Blog Action Day post do as a blog swap or guest blog with another blogger.

Document The Process. Show how you are preparing for Blog Action Day by documenting the process and highlighting interesting bits of content you find as you pull your Blog Action Day post together.

Involve our audience. Get your audience to help you develop your Blog Action Day post by asking them to suggest ideas, questions or angles that you could include in your post.

Now it’s your turn add your thoughts.

Add them to the comments section below and vote up the ones you like. We will feature the most popular ideas on our site with a shout-out to you and link back to your blog.