Global Exchange are partners of Blog Action Day 2012

Returning to support Blog Action Day again is Global Exchange, who are celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year as a network for social change.  I spoke to Tex Dowkin, from Global Exchange to find out a little bit more about them and why they think Human Rights are are important.


What is your name, where are you based and what do you do at Global Exchange?

My name is Tex Dworkin, I work on social media outreach here at Global Exchange. Global Exchange is an international human rights organization based in San Francisco, CA.

What are the aims of Global Exchange?

Global Exchange aims to promote social, economic and environmental justice around the world, which we’ve been doing for 25 years now! Launched in 1988, we’ve been promoting human rights, justice and sustainability ever since.

Global Exchange is working to change the rules across the globe from a profit-centered global economy to thriving people-centered local economies; from the politics of greed to a living democracy that respects the rights of workers and nature; and from currency to community.

Our current program/campaign work areas include Community Rights, Mexico and Human Rights, Fair Trade, and End Dirty Energy. Global Exchange also operates Fair Trade stores and a socially responsible “Reality Tours” travel program. We’ve got a lot on our plate for sure, but with a dedicated staff and supportive members and donors who are the reason we are able to do what we do, we get a LOT accomplished.

2013 is Global Exchange’s 25th birthday and our network of activists and supporters have achieved  a lot during that time. 

Why do you think the issue of Human Rights is important?

The issue of human rights is vitally important because the way human beings treat each other (AND the planet!) determine our collective future. If human beings agree and embrace the notion that all people share basic rights and freedoms regardless of our differences, imagine how different our world might be.

What suggestions do you have for Blog Action Day participants on topics and ideas they might want to focus on for their Blog Action Day post?

We have a few topic ideas and materials that may help Blog Action Day participants get their blog post ready.

What are the team at Global Exchange planning to do for Blog Action Day?

Here are Global Exchange, we have a Blog Network made up of 3 blogs; Fair Trade Blog , Reality Tours Blog , and People to People Blog . As a proud Partner of Blog Action Day, in addition to spreading the word to our base of supporters to encourage their participation in Blog Action Day, all three of our blogs will feature a human rights themed blog post.

  • Our Fair Trade Blog will explore the connection between Fair Trade and human rights in the cocoa industry, which has been notoriously linked to human rights offenses including child slavery in cocoa farms. Since October is Fair Trade month, we’ll be listing resources for people to learn more about Fair Trade and ways to get actively involved in the Fair Trade movement.
  • The Reality Tours Blog will highlight some of the places around the world where you can visit to learn first-hand the importance of human rights.
  • On the People to People Blog, we’ll be exploring how youth, our next generation of human rights advocates, have a vital role to play in the struggle for human rights.

For human rights related photos, folks are welcomed to use our photos we have posted on Flickr and Facebook as long as they credit it “Photo Credit: Global Exchange”. Same goes for video…
Here are links:

Where can we find out more about Global Exchange and the topics you cover?

We have lots of amazing content on our social media and websites, such as :

Noam Chomsky – 2013 Human Rights Award Honoree from Global Exchange on Vimeo.

In May 2013, international human rights organization, Global Exchange honored the life work of political critic and activist, Noam Chomsky at the 11th Annual Human Rights Awards and 25th Anniversary celebration. Randall Wallace, of the Wallace Action Fund, introduced Prof. Chomsky.

His insightful and sharp analysis of corporate capitalism reveals the underpinnings of class warfare. His searing critique of U.S. military interventions, support for undemocratic regimes, its foreign policy and ambitions for geopolitical dominance has educated, challenged, and inspired millions for over 50 years, making him both a controversial and beloved figure for social change.

Thanks to John Hamilton, KPFA and Democracy Now! for the filming.