Blog Action Day 2013 is almost here. Below are some top tips we have learnt over the years to make the most out of your involvement.  If you have additional tips add them in the comments section.

1. Blog Action Day Don’t forget to take part.

Put a reminder in your calendar for October 16, 2013 to make your blog post live on Blog Action Day.

Every year lots of people forget to add their post, so put a reminder in your calendar now and set your alarm or reminder to alert you to take part in Blog Action Day.

In addition, you may want to join our Facebook or Google+ events for October 16 as an extra reminder.

2. Prepare you Blog Action Day post in advance.

We are all very busy people, but if you leave your Blog Action Day post until the last moment, you may run out of time.

By having your post ready a couple of days before October 16, you give yourself lots of time to follow the live coverage or  look at other participants posts. Most importantly you get your post done.

3. Make your post easy to find. Tag your post.

Most Blog Action Day participants use WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr to host their blogs. These systems like nearly all other blogging systems have a section called Tags or Labels which allows you to attach keywords to your post that help search engines find your content more easily.

We suggest that you add the following tags #BAD2013, #OCT16, #Humanrights, #BlogActionDay alongside any other terms that would describe your post content in these sections

If you are unsure how to use tags or labels, here is a great explanation of how to use them and from the parenting blog network MumsNet.

4. Promote your post.

When you have posted your Blog Action Day to your blog on October 16, make sure your tell your friends and the Blog Action Day Team about it.

If you use social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut or Google+, tell the people in your network that you have taken part in Blog Action Day and that you would like them to read and comment on your blog.

Here is a suggested status update you could use.

“I’ve just posted my #BlogActionDay post on #HumanRights on [yourwebsitelink] take a look & leave a comment #BAD13”

The Blog Action Day team will be able to search for most blogs and related content, but to make sure we don’t miss yours, tweet us at @blogactionday or via our live coverage widget that will be on the front page of our website.

5.  Read other Blog Action Day posts and take part in the discussion.

One of the best things about Blog Action Day is that you make connections with amazing blogs that you might not usually come across.

Follow the live coverage on October 16, on and our social media profiles to find out about other participant posts. If you like someone’s Blog Action Day post why not leave a comment and share it via social networks.