Salil Shetty Secretary General of Amnesty International

Salil Shetty Secretary General of Amnesty International

Dear friends,

I’d like to thank you, on behalf of Amnesty International, for exercising one of your fundamental human rights – freedom of expression – on Blog Action Day 2013.

I was amazed by the sheer diversity and number of good blogs posted yesterday, by over 2,400 registered bloggers and close to 2,000 unregistered social media users and other bloggers across 130 countries.

Together, you brought to light dark stories about human rights abuses. You also told many inspirational tales about international activism, solidarity and hope.

Being able to express our opinions online in this way is a powerful weapon in the struggle for universal human rights.

We were proud to be a key Blog Action Day 2013 partner, and to have shared this day with you. Our work to defend human rights continues on the other 364 days of the year.

Please join our movement of over 3 million supporters, members and activists by finding your local Amnesty office, or signing up as an international member.

And please keep blogging. We need to keep pulling together to stop human rights abuses worldwide. Right now, we are pushing for a new law to protect people in Kenya’s slums from being kicked out of their homes. You can help by signing our petition now.

You can also continue to raise your voice online by signing up to the new Human Rights Blogging Network called Orbit, organised by the Blog Action Day team.

Thanks once again for being Blog Action Day.  We have posted some great blogs on this Storify, and plan to publish our three favourites soon on Amnesty’s global human rights blog, LIVEWIRE.

Salil Shetty

Secretary General

Amnesty International