The team at Blog Action Day can’t believe how fast time has flown since Blog Action Day 2013 and the amazing conversations and content from our community about Human Rights.

Now you can join us, as we get ready for Blog Action Day 2014, by registering to take part in this year’s event

Registration is free and we list all participates on our site, so you can connect with other participants and our partners to create inspiring content and conversations to share on October 16, 2014. Which brings us to the next big question?

What is the theme for Blog Action Day 2014? 

We are glad that you asked, as we want you to help us select it.  Should it be Equality, Peace, Freedom or something completely different?

Leave your ideas below in our comment section below, so the team at Blog Action Day can shortlist some hot topics and decide on the official theme for Blog Action Day in the coming months. 

Are you new to Blog Action Day?

Welcome to our community. If you want to know more about what we are about before you decide to register to take part in this year’s event, then take a look at our history on our About Us page.

In short Blog Action Day is a free event held every year on  October 16, where thousands of bloggers from 100s of countries come together to focus on one important issue, for one day. We hope you join us and the rest of the Blog Action Day community to take part in our global conversation on October 16, 2014.