is a crowd funding platform focused on providing  social entrepreneurs, changemakers and non-profits with the tools they need to inspire communities and raise funds. Karina from Blog Action Day spoke to Natasha Akib, StartSomeGood’s Community Builder to get her  tips on making the most of Blog Action Day, what Inequality means to her and find out more about StartSomeGood.


What is the purpose of StartSomeGood?

StartSomeGood exists to empower people to create positive change in the world

What does Inequality mean to you?

Inequality exists when an individual, or group of people,  have a different experience, are treated differently, have unequal or unfair access to opportunity of a factor that is completely unrelated to the opportunity they are seeking.

ssg400What types of projects have used StartSomeGood to raise money that address  issues of Inequality?

One particularly fantastic project that is live at the moment is A Voice for People with Disability which is providing a voice in the media for those affected by disability after the ABC show Ramp Up was shut down. They’re trying to raise $20,000 to make this happen!

Another project that has been run in the past is theWho’s Who Wiki which raised $9000 for an online project which would provide greater transparency and fight corruption amongst corporates and elites in Latin America.

The biggest campaign on StartSomeGood so far has been the Asylum Seeker Resource centre who raised $153,000 to start the Food Justice Truck – a food truck which would provide access to healthy food for asylum seekers living on minimal income.

Do you think that inequality  can be overcome?

Differences will always exist and there will always be a handful of people who are scared of anything that is different. But I think that as we move to a more globalized and connected world, we will hopefully see people beginning to know more about the world and people that exist outside their own immediate communities and that there is really much more that is common between us than is different!

 What can ordinary people do to help overcome and stop inequality?

Recognise how your own actions may perpetuate inequality and begin to change that, whether it be the media you consume, the products you buy or your own prejudices.

What suggestions and ideas can you suggest to Blog Action Day participants for use in their posts on October 16.

Personal experiences! Tell your story or interview someone who has a compelling story about inequality. The experience of an individual are always fantastic to represent and shed light on the lives of many others.

How do you think crowd funding has helped organisations and individuals overcoming inequality?

Crowdfunding has allowed so many organizations and individuals access funding for important projects, who most likely would not have been able to access funding otherwise because they don’t have registered charity status, they’re not a ‘investor friendly’ project or otherwise. At StartSomeGood, we believe that a group or individual’s organizational status shouldn’t matter, what matters is their vision for a better future and their ability to make it happen! Take a look at some examples in our video below.