I spoke to the all women  team at BlogsRelease.com, to find out more about what they do and why they our theme Inequality inspired to support Blog Action Day. 

What is BlogsRelease?

BlogsRelease is the #1 Industry News Board for bloggers worldwide. By using the board, bloggers can find fresh and most interesting content and stories to share with their followers. This way they can always be inspired and develop their relationships with their followers and brands in their niches.


What does Inequality mean to you?

Inequality is related to many aspects in the world today. From economic situation, gender or ethnicity. Even though there are many laws now addressing inequality issues in our society, there seems to be a running undercurrent that continues. Blog Action Day is a great movement that helps promote understanding of such important topics, so we are happy to support it.

The inequality between men and women in the workforce is still evident. As a company in a male dominated industry, BlogsRelease advocates that more women to enter the hi-tech field. BlogsRelease.com is managed by three women, and we are excited to see more women finding success via blogging; one of the most successful bloggers today are mom bloggers, who inspire and motivate other women to go out and fulfill their dreams.


Do you think that inequality can be overcome?

Inequality in gender can definitely be overcome. With the power of the internet more women can be encouraged to take a step forward and make a mark as women in today’s industries. Blog Action Day really helps raise awareness, and  influence people all over the world.
What can ordinary people do to help overcome and stop inequality?


The most important thing is to respect people for who they are, not based on their external status.


homepage2What suggestions and ideas can you suggest to Blog Action Day participants for use in their posts on October 16.

We really believe in empowering women and it would be great to see bloggers post about their experience as bloggers and inequalities that they may have overcome. Also hearing from male bloggers on how the blogging world has changed their opinions on inequality in gender.



What are your top tips for bloggers to increase the impact and reach of their blogs and social media channels?

To strengthen your follower base, all bloggers know that they need good content. We at BlogsRelease created an Industry News Board to enable bloggers to easily find all the relevant content for their blog posts. By using BlogsRelease, blogger’s posts get featured on the board and give them more exposure. Our blogger partners are growing and we would love to have more bloggers in our community. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch.


How have you been inspired by bloggers since running BlogsRelease?

We are always inspired by bloggers and continue to develop BlogsRelease on the recommendations of our blogger partners. From talking with our bloggers we provide them with a solution to finding relevant content all in one place on our Industry News Board.

We are really pleased to be taking part in BlogActionDay and invite all bloggers to also be part of this great movement, promoting understanding about important issues all over the world, and looking forward to reading your blog posts!