BlogUpp is a proud Supporter of Blog Action Day 2014We caught up with Valer Batcu, the founder of the BlogUpp platform on why they  are supporting Blog Action Day as partners, and encouraging  their community to post blogs about #inequality on October 16. 


Q: What is the goal of the BlogUpp?
Being also known as BlogUp, the platform helps bloggers promote blogs, readers discover great authentic reading and brands get content marketing on curated blogs. It’s a connected community aimed to help everyone grow.

Q: What does Inequality mean to you?
The word which describes it well is “discrimination” – in many variations and areas of our society. Unfortunately, there are regions on Earth where factors such as faith, gender, culture, social status, etc – lead to a big difference in the attitude, ultimately generating unfair treatment and unequal opportunities for many citizens.

Q: What are some of the posts that you have seen from the BlogUpp community that address issues of Inequality?
Those which come to my mind now relate mostly to Africa, Asia and Middle East, particularly in connection with unjust (sometimes unhuman) treatment towards certain categories of citizens in those areas. We at BlogUpp are privileged to be serving bloggers, who tell and share stories. Raising awareness has always been a great way to overcome social issues. We are glad to support Blog Action Day 2014 and contribute to the global discussion for a call to action.

Q: Do you think that inequality can be overcome?
That would be possible in an ideal world. With collective contribution I believe we can improve the perception and the attitude, towards reducing inequality. People living in a privileged society take certain freedoms and opportunities for granted and often don’t even know that certain issues exist. An example would be women/girls not having the right for education and choice in certain countries.Limited access to information in certain parts of the world leads to disinformation and wrong perception of the reality, which makes it unjust too. It’s a noble initiative that Blog Action Day 2014 has dedicated this year to Inequality as topic for discussion, to bring it into attention and demand change.

Q: What do you think ordinary people do to help overcome and stop inequality?
The history shows that the voice of a single person with no support usually can’t do much. Whereas when a larger group of people escalate a common issue, it amplifies the message and its effect. The name “Blog Action Day” suggests that bloggers are the main activists in the initiative. Nevertheless, non-bloggers are also encouraged to involve. It’s our right and a civil duty to demand for equity. Those who are active on social networks online are invited to leverage their reach. And everyone can show more support and engagement in our offline interaction, doing more acts of kindness and defending fairness.

Q: What suggestions and ideas can you suggest to Blog Action Day participants for use in their posts on October 16.
The best would be to describe inequality related issues that have been experienced by the writers themselves, i.e. by Blog Action Day participants. It will get the issues expressed in a more authentic manner. For lucky bloggers, who haven’t faced inequality themselves, neither know close people who did experience discrimination – a starting point would be to refer to this year’s theme announcement post, published on Blog Action Day – “Let’s talk about Inequality”. Besides, connecting with other participating bloggers and following their thoughts for Blog Action Day would certainly help as well.

Q: How have you been inspired by the blogging community at BlogUpp and beyond?
First off, I truly respect the courage of authentic bloggers who speak their mind, inspire and entertain audiences. Nowadays being active on social networks is great. Writing elaborated thoughts in a blog and doing analysis for blog posts is even better. It helps the blogger grow, as well as contributes to the global knowledge base. Expressing thoughts in a blog also helps be yourself and pursue ideas.

Q: How can people become part of BlogUpp?
Everyone is welcomed at – where bloggers get tools to promote blogs as well as connect other like-minded bloggers. The blog directory is a great place also for non-bloggers to discover stories from authentic bloggers. In addition to the free service, a Premium option is available to allow bloggers amplify their content distribution, with no installation at all and no sign-up.