webhostface are proud partners of Blog Action DAy 2014

We spoke to Elena, who is the Marketing Manager at WebHostFace, where she takes care of care of the PR and Marketing activities, the Smooth User experience, making sure that service provided will come with a smiling face.

What is WebHostFace and why are your interested in supporting Blog Action Day?

WebHostFace is a relatively new company in the web hosting industry, compiled of people with long experience in this area. We provide a wide range of services – from Shared Hosting, to Reseller Hosting all the way to VPS and Dedicated Servers. One of the main characteristics we like to associate with our company is the perfect customer service. Long before we started WebHostFace we were all working in various hosts and our common impression was that clients are treated just like numbers on the board without turning attention to the specific needs of each of them. We like to see each client treated with a personal touch and so we are always eager to participate in any kinds of social and charity events. Blog Action Day is a wonderful initiative, always discussing pressing issues so its always a pleasure for us to share our views too.

What does Inequality mean for you and your colleagues?

There are many types of inequality we meet in our business, both from the clients side and from the company sides. For example, there are certain positions in hosting companies, and technology companies as a whole, where the female gender is overlooked and deemed incapable. Such examples are the more technical jobs, like developers and system administrators. I am sure that many women in those fields can relate to the issue when they are looking for job openings.

Clients are somehow neglected too, especially for bigger companies with lots of customers. The understanding with most of them is that people that bring more revenue to the company should be treated with much more priority. Basing your service on whoever pays most is something we are strongly against and like to see eradicated.

Do you think that inequality can be overcome?

I have to say I am a little sceptical, at least for the moment, although things are slowly going in the right direction. I believe that a significant part of how a person thinks and acts stems from their upbringing and values thought at an early age. Children are very receptive so if you grow in such a surrounding you would naturally employ this way of thinking. In today’s world and especially with the widespread usage of the Internet this negative effect is slowly minimized. Having access to practically unlimited information and people of all cultures you can always see a different point of view and get a better understanding of the world around you.

What can ordinary people do to help overcome and stop inequality?

Apart from actively participating in such wonderful events and spreading the word each and every person can make a difference in their own micro-world. Teaching your young ones about the true value of equality and helping others to understand the problem from a very young age is something that won’t require much efforts. If one already understands the basics of Right and Wrong any example of inequality would naturally be sorted under the “Wrong” folder, so to speak.

What suggestions, tips or ideas do you have for Blog Action Day participants, to improve their posts that they could use on in their Blog Action Day posts  on October 16?

The best would be to describe inequality related issues connected to the writer’s way of living, experienced by themselves or by one of their relatives. Tell your personal compelling story! It is always best to learn from the horse’s mouth. There will be definitely those who haven’t faced inequality themselves, neither know close people who did experience discrimination but are still passionate about joining Blog Action Day. I am pretty sure that despite living a normal live, they have a vison of what Inequality really is. Tell us about it!