altogethernowWe talked to Nova Longhurst the Communications Officer at All Together Now, to find out more about the organisation and why they are taking part in Blog Action Day 2014. 

What are the goals All Together Now ?

All Together Now works to eliminate racial inequalities found in Australian society and culture. All Together Now’s vision is for an Australia that embraces cultural diversity and is free from racism.

What does Inequality mean to the team at All Together Now?

Inequality means people being subjected to vilification, hate, bigotry, and sexism. This leads to a break down in society, less social progression, less opportunities for some, and this can lead to mental illness in those specifically targeted with such inequality. People are human beings and must come together on this basis, for that is equality.

Why is All Together Now taking  part in Blog Action Day? 

By taking part in Blog Action Day 2014 All Together Now is taking another step in ending racial inequality. All Together Now wishes to show solidarity with other bloggers and organisations that are working to end inequality in all forms, by participating in such an amazing and international initiative as Blog Action Day.

What activities or projects All Together Now do to address  racial inequality?

All Together Now works to eliminate racial inequalities found in Australian society and culture. To work towards this goal we believe there are some key important steps that need to be undertaken. They are:

  • Awareness: educating people on what racism is, where it is found in Australian society and culture and how that racism is enacted by the population.
  • Support: working together as a society to support those who are bringing racial equality to the forefront such as community groups, government initiatives and public and private companies.
  • Platform: using social media tools such as FacebookTwitterWordPress/blogs, and YouTube to discuss topics and garner support for positive action to end racial inequality.

Do you think that inequality can be overcome?

Yes. If you have a quality team of people who understand what inequality is and have good positive action plans to overcome it then it shall be done. With society on board to tackle inequality we, as human beings, can reach that goal.

What can ordinary people do to help and stop inequality?

All Together Now’s strategies are about working with ordinary people to help and stop inequality. In the case of All Together Now our focus is on racial inequality. Firstly, the biggest way to help end inequality starts with you, the individual. Pull yourself up if you realise you have fallen in to any traps of social inequality. Change starts with the self.

Secondly, individuals can help and stop inequality through blogging about the subject of inequality, speaking up against inequality in your home and amongst friends, reporting inequality within the workplace to Managers, CEO, HR or the Ombusdman, in public if you see an incident occur, reporting incidents to police, using schools (primary, secondary and tertiary) to discuss racism and why it is unacceptable amongst teachers, schools boards and students, and using social media such as twitter, facebook, tumbl etc. to highlight issues and place a positive light on the importance of social equality.

What suggestions and ideas do you have for Blog Action Day participants that they can use in their posts on October 16.

Here are some blog posts and infographics that you can use in your Blog Action Day posts, on how to positively tackle racial inequality.

Blog Posts 


  • Read “Global Strategies for Racial Equality” a report complied by All Together Now’s Managing Director Priscilla Brice-Weller after visiting a number of racism prevention initiatives in Europe & Nth America


Challenge what you think you know about racism

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Racism in Australian Schools

Infographic: Racism in Australian Schools

Infographic: Racism in Australian Schools