Sometimes it can seem a bit hard to get started on a blog post, especially if it is not a topic that you frequently talk about or cover. Here are some tips and ideas on how to develop your Blog Action Day post on #inequality in time for Blog Action Day 2014.

If you have some ideas, add them below in the comments section.

Take a look at the news

Have you seen a item in the news recently that highlights a situation that is unfair or were one group or individual has more power than another?

Have you seen a news item were someone has overcome a challenging or unequal situation?

Do you have favourite Not-for-Profit or Charities that you like to support?

Many Not-for-profits or Charities start out by trying to  support people and communities  that have had to deal with unfair situations. Take a look at some of the popular and respected charities you have heard about and develop your post around what they have fought for and achieved?

Read what the Blog Action Day partners have to say about Inequality

Take a look at the conversations we had with our Blog Action Day partners for some interesting insights, resrouces and points of view on inequality.

Get inspired by these videos.

We have pulled together some great videos that talk about different aspects of inequality? What do they make you feel? Develop your post on your response.