Blog Action Day was held on October 16, 2012, with the them of the Power of We, which focused on the changes that communities and people can make when they act together.

4,000 blogs (2378 registered and close to 2000 unregistered) from 111 countries, using 43 different languages, took part in Blog Action Day in 2012.

There were contributions form the White House and the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as well as massive increase from bloggers from non-english speaking countries,  new blogging communities who joined us for the first time, and well known campaigning groups like Greenpeace International, ActionAid

Take a look at the highlights of the posts, conversations and comments from Blog Action Day 2012 looking at our highlights coverage or the list of registered 2012 Blog Action Day participants below.


 Thank you to everyone who took part, and added to the conversation about The Power of We.

Blog Action Day 2012 participants

Last Update October 17,2012