We’re back and like all interesting guests to a party, slightly late.

The volunteer team that puts Blog Action Day together has had a lot to think about since our event in 2014. Last year’s event was fantastic as you can see from the highlights of the live coverage, but we felt that the format and way we organising Blog Action Day could be improved.

The team behind Blog Action Day ( Jason, Karina and Shakira) have been busy behind the scenes, over the last 6 months.

We have been listening to feedback from the community, to see what they wanted from their Blog Action Day experience. We have been talking to previous partners to find out the impact that our Blog Action Day activities have had, and what we could do to increase it. We have been taking a look at the wider use of blogging around the world, to see if an  event like Blog Action Day is still relevant, and does it look different to how we currently run Blog Action Day.

And finally, we have been taking a look at how we present ourselves, and released that our website and brand needed an upgrade. as it hadn’t changed quite some time.

All this thinking  and planning took a little bit longer than we would of like (we all have very busy day jobs that grab our attention as well), but it was incredibly important that we took the time to do it.

We want to make sure that Blog Action Day remains relevant, makes a meaningful contribution to important conversations, and issues we cover, and that our community feel the benefit of the amazing effort they put in each year.

One of the biggest changes you will see is our website. After four years on a “temporary” website design, we have updated our website. We hope you find it a much fresher design and easier to use than our previous version. We are still smoothing some rough edges, but it is now much easier for us to maintain from the various locations we all live in.

badwhiteonblue-urlAnother  key change is our logo. Increasingly,over the past few years Blog Action Day participants have mentioned that they thought the logo looked a bit out of date and a bit awkward to use. We have kept the colour scheme to retain the link with  past events, but we hope our new design looks current and is easier for our partners and participants to work with.

You will also see that the way you “register” your blog to take part in Blog Action Day has also changed. We have partnered with Action Network and Known,  to make sharing your Blog Action Day posts and staying in touch with us much easier than before.  Everything you need to know about how to take part in Blog Action Day 2015 can be found on our “How to take part” page

Reluctantly,  we have also made a temporary change to the multilingual we can currently provide. Sadly,we don’t have the ongoing resources to keep a multi-lingual website up to date and to translated all of our communications into other languages. We hope to have some better news on when we can re-establish our language support in the future. To that end we have built our new website and our new community and email tools, to be able to handle other languages as soon as we re-introduce them.

We really want to encourage and celebrate the content we receive in languages other than English, which is why we are again partnering with Global Voices this year to ensure that highlight and raise the profile of bloggers from diverse backgrounds.

In the future we are aiming to move Blog Action Day from a entirely volunteer run event, to one where we have some core funding to ensure that we can sustain key aspects, like multi-lingual communications on an ongoing basis. We are also looking at the establishing of a fund to support emerging bloggers and the establishment of annual awards to recognise the talent, hard work and impact our the wider blogging community.

For now let’s stay focused on having an amazing Blog Action Day 2015. Please join us and Raise Your Voice with us on October 16. 

That is a lot of news for one post, so I will leave it there for now. As ever, you can contact us directly or leave a comment below.