raiseyourvoiceWe have the power to create the world we want to see when we raise our voice to promote positive change and expose unjust actions. However, those who  their voices are often under attack.

This Blog Action Day we will celebrate those heroes who raise their voice when faced with censorship, threats and even violence. We will raise our voices to defend their right to raise theirs.

We will overcome silence with our words and actions. We will share their stories. We will fight for those whose voice has been silenced.

On October 16, we invite you to speak out with others around the world, as we support those who cannot do so safely. To showcase the power of our words, images, designs, videos and creativity by sharing our posts, and supporting partner organizations who all aim to protect and celebrate our blogging heroes and their ideas.

Join us, by being part of the global conversation on your own blog this Blog Action Day

You might want to focus on some from the past, someone you have recent heard about, or someone in your own community.

You might want to focus wider than one person , and discuss a movement, organisation or moment in time, or that you think need higher profile right now.

Or, you might want to take another angle completely. It’s up to you.

Why not share your ideas below in our comment section.