Unless your are a professional blogger, finding time to develop ideas into actual posts can be tricky.

Here are some tips from our Blog Action Day community. Do you have a tip to share, why not leave it in our comment section.

Karina from Blogactionday.org

Towards the end of each month I book  some time in my diary to think about the topic of  future blog posts I want to do. Then  I schedule them into my work calendar with reminders, so I get them done in time.

Sharlyn Lauby – www.hrbartender.com

I like Buffer for scheduling posts. And I try to remember to schedule a post multiple times to cover different time zones.

Kathia Alsina  – www.kathiaalsina.com/blog

I mostly write in sticky notes, or when I read my Bible and write my inspiration on the around the verses. I keep notes on my phone or in my journal. I mostly write everyday my spiritual experiences. I love to create magic with characters about my personal experiences or about life… I write in Spanish all the time!

Angela Goodeve – http://lifecoachingwithang.com/blog

I mostly write when I am inspired by an experience or person in my life!  If I am “out and about” I keep a record of the inspiration in the ‘notes’ app on my phone, and add to it as more inspiration comes to me. I often find that when I do sit down to write the post I am just able to write from a flowing state. I think part of the reason is because it is coming from the actual source of my initial moment of information!!

I’m not much of a planner. If I see a good story then I’ll take a break for a few minutes to post it and share on social media. It seems more relevant to post while the story is still fresh and hasn’t been replicated elsewhere yet. Besides, I post blogs as notes to myself, as much as anything else