Shakira from Blog Action Day spoke our partners BlogList Malaysia, to find our more about their community and why they are supporting Blog Action Day.

What is BlogList Malaysia, where is it based and why are your interested in supporting Blog Action Day

BlogList Malaysia BlogList Malaysia is based in Malaysia. We aim to gather interesting and informative Malaysian blogs and display them in a neat list so people can read great articles easily from their fellow Malaysian friends.

There are a lot of great Malaysian blogs with interesting and informative content out there. However, finding these hidden gems is another story. This is where we come in!

We are proud to join as an official partner of Blog Action Day this year. We hope our involvement this year will help promote Blog Action Day further so more people are aware of this meaningful event. We hope to share, connect and inspire a wider audience during Blog Action Day so people can help raise voice for those who can’t.


What is the mission of your BlogList Malaysia?

Our goal at BlogList Malaysia is to share great Malaysian blogs, connect Malaysian bloggers with readers and inspire readers by helping them discover authentic blog content. BlogList Malaysia also has a blog section which share blogging tips and tutorials and these are not just targeted to Malaysians but all bloggers.

We also want to help more bloggers produce authentic and powerful blog content to inspire others.

What are your Raising your Voice about on October 16?

Everyone has something to shout out about, however, not everyone is comfortable with raising their voice. In this coming Oct 16, BlogList Malaysia would like to encourage more people to raise their voice and speak their mind. We have been designing and posting Blog Action Day related graphics to one of our Blog Action Day 2015 articles.

Every graphics on that post are free to use and free to distribute. We hope these graphics will inspire people who don’t know how to express themselves in words. They can simply share graphics that are relevant to them on their blog or social media.

Why is blogging and open access to the internet important?

Mainstream Medias are often regulated by governments and other powerful authorities. Bloggers can help to spread the truth by giving their unbiased input and honest opinion about issues to help create public opinion accurately. Having open access to internet is important because having free and unrestricted access to internet can ensure people to have accurate and truthful informative online.

Why do you think that it is important for people to Raise their voices?

If you don’t take action, there will be no reaction. This is not just Newton’s third law, this is true for almost everything. So, if you don’t raise your voice, no one will hear you.

One may argue that not every action will be returned with a favorable reaction and not every issue raised will be solved. This is true, but what’s even truer is if one don’t take action, the chance of a reaction is slimmer to none.


Who do you find inspiring for raising their voice?

They are a lot of heroes from ancient times to nowadays who are brave enough to speak out despite they are faced with threats, censorship and violence.

We are inspired by everyone who has the courage to speak out the truth. Let’s celebrate this Blog Action Day with those heroes who are brave to expose unjust and raise their voice.

What can ordinary people do to highlight a situation or support someone who voice has been silenced?

People can write or blog about the situation. We understand that not everyone is a writer, but the evolution of social media had made spreading words easier than before.

In today’s world, one can simply hit the “share” button to share their voice with others, or show support by hitting “like” or “retweet” to echo their voices even further. In fact, our twitter account @bloglistmy which is promoting Blog Action Day for the past few days has received a lot of retweets from tweeters around the world!

Talking about unpopular or difficult issues can be hard. What tips do you have for bloggers who may not have spoken about difficult issues before?

Bloggers can use the internet platform to raise their voice. However, for issues that are sensitive, we advice bloggers to do their research first and not just blindly follow others. Raising your voice is not about shouting out loud and using aggressive language, you can still raise your voice by communicating politely.

keep calm


Keep calm and raise your voice. There are some countries where bloggers cannot raise their voice out safely because of censorship and regulation. In this case, bloggers can try to seek online platform such as and for solutions. There may already be a discussion, campaign or petition going on about the issue you wish to raise.

If bloggers could do one thing today to make a difference what would it be?

Be brave and speak up. #RaiseYourVoice

How do you think that an event like Blog Action Day can make a difference?

Blog Action Day may help raise attention to critical issue so more people are aware of the actual situation in the world that we are currently living in. Blog Action Day unites people from different countries, with different races, backgrounds and status to come together and raise awareness. With combined powers, it will be easier to make positive change and make the world a better place.