Sometimes, developing your blog post, vlog, podcast, photo or graphic design for Blog Action Day can seem little bit daunting, especially if you normally don’t focus on topics that our theme covers.

Here are some helpful tips that we have gathered over the years from our participants, partners and our  team, that you can use to create your post, engage people to read it and get the most out of taking part in Blog Action Day.

Do you have a suggestions or tips to share?  Leave them a comment below

In the weeks before Blog Action Day, October 16.

  • Don’t leave it until October 16 to start pulling your post together now.
  • If you aren’t sure of what you will put in your post, record what your responses you have to relevant organisations that talk about the theme, Blog Action Day’s partners and other people’s blogs on our theme #RaiseYourVoice.
  • Take a look at the conversations the Blog Action Day team have had with our partners (BlogList Malaysia | Global Voices | BlogUpp ) for helpful tips and ideas.
  • Write a post about why you are taking part in this year’s event and discuss what does raising your voice mean to you, your friends and community?
  • Encourage your friends, family and people who currently read your blog to also take part in Blog Action Day.
  • Add the official Blog Action Day participant badges and images  to your post or site, and link back to site.
  • Follow the Blog Action Day social media accounts  Twitter and Facebook and Google+ for latest news and opportunities.

Promoting your Blog Action Day post.

  • Let people know that you are taking part in Blog Action Day on your social media accounts and your blog, explain what it is and encourage them to take part to by linking to our registration page.  Here is a suggested update

I’m registered. Are you? Join bloggers from around the world take part in Blog Action Day    

  • Use the offical hashtags in your social media updates about Blog Action Day:  #RaiseYourVoice, #BAD2015, #BAD15, #Blogaction15 #FreeToWrite #JustABlogger
  • Share your post with the Blog Action Day  twitter @blogactionday12 they will re-tweet or favourite you.

On Blog Action Day, October 16, 2015

  • Visit where we will have live updates from posts from around the world with special highlights from particularly powerful posts.
  • Remember to actually post your blog, you will be surprised by how many people forget. Add it to your calendar as a to-do.
  • Take some time to read other participants posts, leave comments and share your favourites on social media. It’s the best part of taking part.
  • Send a special message via email or social media to your friends, family and  the people who currently read your blog, to encourage them to read your posts and explain your reasons for taking part in Blog Action Day.
  • Make sure you add our hashtags to your tags, labels or keywords to your post. #RaiseYourVoice, #BAD2015, #BAD15, #Blogaction15, #FreeToWrite #JustABlogger #GirlsRaiseYourVoice  Not sure what these are, find out here.
  • Don’t forget to share your post with Blog Action Day on Twitter leave a message in our special Facebook post or Google+.  We will then share your posts on our site and our live coverage updates on our website. 

Do you have any other tips or ideas?

Share in the comments below or post on Twitter or Facebook using our #BAD2015tips hashtag and we will add the most popular ones to this page.