Jabra has shown once again why it has long been regarded as one of the best Bluetooth accessory companies around. The Elite Sport didn’t once drop connection with our iPhone, and didn’t drop connection between the two earphones, delivering a truly reliable wireless experience we don’t often see, especially not in this developing market. If you want new products, we recommend the jabra elite 65t review. Jabra Elite 65t is marketed as”designed for true music lovers of wireless headsets.”

We’ve had Bluetooth headphones for what seems like an age now, but completely wireless earphones with no adjoining wire are a relatively new technology.

While brands like Motorola and Bragi released versions much earlier this year, it’s fair to say that Apple’s AirPods brought some much needed attention to the product category.

Jabra, a company known primarily for Bluetooth accessories, has arguably perfected this technology with its Elite Sport headphones, plus added a few nifty features of its own.

Jabra Elite Sport review: Design
Unlike their Apple-branded competition, the Elite Sport by Jabra are not a one-size-fits-all solution. As well as offering different eartip inserts in various sizes and two different material finishes (foam and silicon), you also get three different sized fins for holding the units in your ear.

The tips are very easy to switch, as are the fins. However, the silicone material which wraps around the earphones to fix the fins in place is so slim that it’s easy to see it being split if pulled or wrestled a little too firmly. Indeed, one of ours did develop a tiny split the first time we tried to attach it. Thankfully, it didn’t tear all the way across the band, or render itself useless.

Being sports focused products having a good fit is absolutely vital – especially when you’re wearing earphones that aren’t tethered to each other by any kind of cable or neck strap. If one falls, there’s nothing to stop it from hitting the ground. Or going down the drain.

Impressively, during all of our exercise sessions, the Jabra Elite Sport have stayed in both our ears. Not once have they threatened to come loose. Choosing the right sized eartip and fins certainly helps, but when sized correctly even a vigorous head shake won’t see these earphones become even slightly loose.

The only downside is that being so snug means they can get a little uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. They’re good for an album or two, but more than that starts to test ear endurance.

As well as being snug, the Jabra Elite are also IP67 rated, so should survive even the sweatiest of reps. Important for sports earphones.

The units themselves are a chunky teardrop shape, with golden contact points on their undersides for charging while they’re in the dedicated rectangle carry case, which also doubles as a portable battery pack.

While inside this pocketable case, the earphones charge until the built-in battery is depleted. LED lights on the front and on the side of the case inform you if the earphones are charged and whether the case itself needs plugging into the wall via micro USB to fill it up again.

On the outside of each earphone there are two buttons. On the right earbud these are used for playing and pausing music, answering calls or activating your phone’s digital assistant. On the left earbud they’re used for adjusting the playback volume and skipping tracks. However, despite the protruding buttons being easy to find, their tiny size means they’re incredibly fiddly to press.