Thank you for taking part in Blog Action Day 2015

Wow. What an amazing day. Blog Action Day 2015 saw you ‪#‎raiseyourvoice‬ on a number of issues and share your thoughts with each other. Once again it is a privilege to be able to see the amazing community of bloggers come together.

Another massive thank you to our partners who help us put today together; Corelab, Action Network, Engaging Networks, BlogUpp, BlogListMalaysia, Global Voices and English Pen.

You can take a look at some of the post by looking at our live stream from the day on our website and we will be sending out some highlights to our mailing list next week.

Over the next few months will be asking for some feedback and ideas from you soon about what you as the Blog Action Day community would like to do next, in the meantime keep blogging and sharing your thoughts with each other.

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Live Blog Blog Action Day 2015

Why we picked “Raise Your Voice” as our theme

We have the power to create the world we want to see when we raise our voice to promote positive change and expose unjust actions. However, those who speak out are often under attack. This Blog Action Day we will celebrate those heroes who raise their voice when faced with censorship, threats and even violence. We will raise our voices to defend their right to raise theirs. We will overcome silence with our words and actions. We will share their stories. We will fight for those whose voice has been silenced. Find out more about our theme #RaiseYourVoice

Our partners

Corelab proudly supports Blog Action Day
Action Network proudly supports Blog Action Day
BlogList Malaysia proudly supports Blog Action Day
Engaging Networks is a proud partner of Blog Action Day
English Pen proudly supports Blog Action Day
BlogUp proudly supports Blog Action Day
Global Voices proudly supports Blog Action Day